Presentation styles

Make your bomboniera extra special with these great presentation options suitable for all occasions.

All options include confectionary.

      How to order:

  • Make a note of the option you like, then select your chosen one on the online shop along with your item.
  • Some presentation styles are available in different colours as shown below, you can select the colour on the shop page itself.
  • Only presentation styles suitable for your chosen item will be available to select. Check each item page individually.
  • Some of the boxes shown are for image purposes only. Your chosen presentation will come attached to the box your chosen item comes in, see individual items for images and description, you do have the option of re packaging your item in a 2 piece ivory gift box.
  • For Wedding presentation options, as many of our customers like to match their bomboniera to their colour scheme, we are happy to discuss this with you and create something best suited to you if you don't find what you are looking for.
  • These options are availbale for you to view and select on each item page.


Click on the links below to see full selection of options.